"Qbo's Adventures" is a little retro-style-8bit platform, conceived to be played on mobile-devices but also playable in browser/desktop; for it I've developed a specific control-system based upon two only switches, that replicates the good, old "Game & Watch" Nintendo's paradigm.

Play the demo from a desktop/browser or mobile system:

  • From mobile, it is recommended to play in fullscreen mode. Select it from the start menù.
  •  Tap the right or the left side of the screen to move. Hold a direction and tap the other side of the screen to jump. Jump against a wall to slide down it, and keep in touch a side of the screen to hold on the wall. While the character is hold on the wall, tap the the other side of the screen to jump across the walls and climb up the pits!
  • In desktop version, the LEFT and RIGHT controls are  mapped upon the keyboard keys "M" (for right) and "Z" (for left).

Watch my website and follow the dev-log, join the FB page and join our mailing list for furthers releases and news: 


Development log


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Very nice work overall, the two-button system works well once you get used to it, although a mobile device is where it probably really offers the advantage. The levels have a nice style with the various blues and the design is good too with exploration on different routes. Only thing the game really misses are sounds.

I'd like to invite this game to our Game Development World Championship!

Thanks a lot for playing my little demo! Sounds and musics are waiting for the next release :) ... What is the Game Development World Championship?

It's a contest for all independent game developers. The entries are free and you can register and enter until the end of September here: www.thegdwc.com. Thanks for your interest!